Custom Dashboards

We have developed custom dashboards allowing us to closely monitor your cloud service.


These dashboards will alert us to any fault in your cloud hosted service.


We can quickly see the status of any service at a glance.

Capacity Planning Information

We always make sure we have a quick expansion capacity whenever required.


We like using AWS technology and all it’s benefits because their cloud hosted infrastructure allows for quick expansion.


We also deal with Microsoft Azure which has very similar features to AWS.

Reduced Downtime & Risk

This is where cloud hosted technology excels over other technology due to the speed at which we can launch extra resources such as server instances in an emergency.


We can even automate this launching of extra servers, should a server begin to be over utilised, or should a server fail.

Increased Efficiency

We will closely monitor the load on your cloud hosted services, keeping a history of resource usage. Depending on your cloud requirements we may suggest increasing resources, or we can schedule the deploying of extra resources, such as extra servers during busy periods.   The beauty of using AWS is that you pay by the…