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The transforming era where the entire world is on the internet it has become mandatory to have your online presence. If you don’t have a website then you are missing a whole bunch of opportunity for your business growth.

But before you bump on building your website there are various factors to be taken under consideration to have an effective website that will be able to represent your brands in front of the world.

How to choose the domain and hosting?

The most suitable domain name for any business should something that defines the brands and is nearly impossible to be misspelt. Consider the names Google, Yahoo, Bing all these are simple, catchy yet speak a lot. The domain name should be a union of your brand’s identity, SEO, easily to memorise and spell to help you in appearing easily on various search engines.

Before purchasing the hosting plan, you need to understand your website requirements and nature of business. Once you identify your requirement look for a hosting plan that fulfils your requirement and always check for the reviews before you make the final decision.

Final the perfect Content Management System (CMS) for your website

The Content Management System or CMS has a vital part of building the website. It can be called the engine that runs your website and takes cares of all the functional programs. Like hosting, your choice of CMS to use for building your website should be based on your requirement, i.e if you are going to build an E-commerce website or simple website to showcase your services. The few popular CMS for E-commerce website that you can opt are Magento or Shopify, whereas if you need an easy to use and manage a website then WordPress or Wix can be your choice.

Minimal and Clean Design

As it is said “Less is More” for website design this statement suit works great. The design of your website should be clean and attractive to catch the eye of the visitor. A well-structured and clean design helps the user to understand your brands and their services. Moreover adding multiple elements and images on your website makes it confusing for the visitors and distracts them from conversion.

Website should be Easy Navigating

Your website should be easy to navigate to ensure that the user finds the information. If user finds the website complex and difficult to navigate, it can lead to increase the chance that the visitor will leave your website and never come back to it. The easiest approach in this regards could be to add a site map and remove unwanted/unnecessary page from the website. By doing this you not just make your website easy navigating but also enhance the performance of your website.

Must include Call to Action on your website

If you want to convert your visitor to lead then adding “Call to Action” can be your key. A call to action helps the user to get engaged with your brands which helps in building a healthy relationship with the customer. You can add a sign-up, get-quote, query, download or subscribe button for visitor to reach to you.

Fasting loading website is a must

Having a speed optimised website should be on the top priority, in the recent research it is found that if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load there are 90% chances that they will close the tab and never return to your website. By having a speed optimised website you can deliver information to your user more rapidly and can beat your competitors easily.

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